Thursday, May 7, 2015

CRAZY Time of Year!

We (Isaac and I) always know this is the craziest time of year, it seems!  Sometimes I think this tops Christmas! What is "this"?  Well, there is ONE PTA event that I help coordinate each year.  It just happens to be the largest event of the know the one....the one with the food trucks, Carmen's ice, bounce arounds, games, crafts, cake walk, water balloon toss, ticket sales, silent auction, etc...! Yep, that one!  The May Fair!  When I quit teaching, I swore off PTA, but I figure coordinating one event per year isn't so bad.  The 2 of us coordinators started meeting in November!  Cray Cray!!
Now, what complicates matters more is that while May Fair is occurring at the elementary school, it's usually the beginning of dress rehearsals for the middle school musical (in which both my middle schooler and elementary schooler are cast in)! WAIT? So, I coordinate an event at the elementary school that my own elementary aged daughter doesn't even get to attend?  Ummm, yes, for the 3 years now.  LOL!  So, last Friday was May Fair.  Tomorrow night is opening night of All Shook Up (this year's musical)!
We almost had a small catastrophe when Erica got sick right around her birthday ( did that happen?).  It seemed to start out as allergies.  When she wasn't any better within a week (plus the director had her call me during one of the rehearsals and say they needed her voice...LOL), i gave in and took her to doctor to find out she had a sinus infection AND ear infection!  Of course, the doctor did not just whisper that to me, no, he said it aloud and Erica just looked at me and we kinda just laughed it off!!  But BOY did I feel bad!!
Now, I don't know if you've had a child in a school drama production before, but, our school does not take this lightly.  I mean the quality of these shows are like what I was doing in HIGH school.  It's remarkable really.  And it really takes the whole village.  This year has been a little different for me, because of some other requirements of my time, I haven't been at the school as much, but luckily the production staff knew that I would come through with my part of the production.  What is that, you may wonder?  I head up the candy grams and flower sales.  I really love it.  I love watching the kids get excited to spend $1.00 to buy something for their friends and write a sweet message....although this year it's been cute to see a few of them put hashtags and a word/phrase, i.e. #yourock, #love, #greatvoice .  So cute, right?  Anyway, I love watching the parents come in and buy CG's for their kids and their kids' friends as well.  Then there's usually grandparents that buy.  It's precious really.  Then there are people that come out and just purchase candy grams during intermission for their favorite cast character....without even knowing them!  One year I had an adult ask me if I knew of someone off hand that hadn't received a candy gram and they gave about 10 candy grams to those children from "anonymous"! So sweet!
I remember when I taught middle school how much I adored them.  They do make my heart swell.  There's still just a little bit of innocence left about them.  They're still curious about life and still excited to love life and give to others.  I honestly watched a boy write out about 14 candy grams last night for his friends.  I have my own children want to talk to me about how many they are allowed to purchase! LOL  I've never had one child approach me and ask if anyone has bought a candy gram for them!
So our first show is tomorrow night.  We have 4 shows, one Friday, 2 Saturday, and one Sunday.  Then Mikayla has her spring choir concert on Monday evening.  Jacob has his field trip to Philadelphia (that I get to go to as well) on Wed to Thursday, Erica has a field trip to Hershey on Friday (Isaac may be going on that).  Then Mikayla has her Girls on the Run 5k next weekend.
On a side note, the Scouts just did their fundraiser where they went door to door for their flag sales and I need to organize all that money, the paperwork, and such.
We just found out that the renters that have lived in our TX house for about 4 years are moving out in June.
We are headed to Disney in June, after Jacob gets back from Kirtland, Ohio (church youth conference).
Jacob is looking for a job.  The girls are enrolled in summer camp in July.  And that's about as far as I can look ahead right now! : )  Love love love to everyone!

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  1. Wow, what an update! I love hearing all about what you guys are doing! You guys are so busy! How fun that you get to be so involved in the middle school and your kids are all so involved!! I hope I have your energy when my kids are in middle and high school. I hope you can find new renters for your Texas house soon - that's great you had the same family in there for four years. It's a great house! And Disney! So exciting!!! I want to hear all about your trip! Love you guys!